Jens Krogsgaard - Tenor and Stage Director

To me teaching is an essential part of being an artist. I feel that it is a privilege to pass on to the next generations, the knowledge which I have acquired throughout my own career.

The human voice is a fantastic instrument with almost unlimited expressive possibilities. I am highly fascinated by the fact that every voice has its own personal timbre; in fact the differences in the sound quality from voice to voice can be quite distinctive, even within professionals of the highest level. As an example there’s a huge difference in the characteristics of the voices of Pavarotti and Fritz Wunderlich, but we can all agree that they were both excellent tenors. Whereas the sound of two excellent concert pianos are much more alike.

That’s why my primary concern as a voice teacher is, to try to reveal and release the unique voice qualities of every individual.  This is done based on the knowledge of the functionality of the voice, both technically and mentally, which I have acquired through my education and through experience. The learning process focuses on acquiring the abilities of good posture, a supported breathing technique, good legato, strong declamation, control of the registers of the voice with an equal delivery of sound, and a strong focus on the aspect of music and expression.  

I hold a Masters Degree in Elite Voice Teaching  from The Royal Danish Academy of Music (2008), where since 2009 I have been a member of the faculty.

Please feel free to contact me about Masterclasses or indiviual voice and performance training at mail@jenskrogsgaard.dk or +45 29 61 14 40

Jens Krogsgaard - mail@jenskrogsgaard.dk - +45 29 61 14 40